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Our Content Services

Social content for social media

At Wise & Mo we specialise in creating social content for your business. Whatever your business, opportunities exist to create engaging content relating to your product or service that will make you stand out. Whether you need a serious video or a funny article we can help you.

Social VIDEO Production

We provide the full range of video production
We do live action location filming for testimonials, interviews, product demos and presentations. As well as kinetic text and motion graphics and screen capture animations for branding and educational videos.
Social VIDEO Production
Social VIDEO Production



We can write anything
If you need a best man speech, we’ve got you. If you need a book report for that book club you joined because you thought it would be fun, before you realised you hated books, we’ve got you. As well as, you know… writing video scripts, social posts, articles and coming up with ideas for you.

IMAGES & Graphic Design

Images are the most sharable content on the web
If you want to make it easy for people to see your content, then using captivating images is the best way, as they are the quickest medium for people to consume. We offer photography services for events, as well as product or service photography. We also create infographics and MEMES related to your business to post on social media to get you some likes and shares.
IMAGES & Graphic Design
IMAGES & Graphic Design

COMEDY Content

COMEDY Content

Humour is social, so if you've got a lot of competition on social in your field, giving your content a humourous slant can give you some much needed cut through
We can use video, articles, images and memes in synergistic campaigns to get people sharing your content and exposing your brand. Just ask yourself what you’re most likely to share yourself, and if it’s that funny thing you saw, then find out what a bit of humour can do for your business.

Some of our Work

We're proud of our work, so check out some recent examples

Zen Interiors
Peptides Direct
Hairfree Centre
Mundo Churrasco
The Laptop Man
Computer Habits that could End your Marriage
Password Tips

Our Service Prices

We create a range of multimedia content

To suit varying budgets and requirements.

Social Video

  • Script Writing
  • 1hr Location Filming
  • Music Selection
  • Complete Editing
  • Final Upload

Enticing Article

  • Topic Research
  • Content Approval
  • Unique Article up to 600 words
  • Feature Image Generation

Sharable Meme

  • Meme Writing
  • Image Capture or Generation
  • Final Export

Contented Blog

While we 're all about making content for you, we also make content for ourselves.

5 Worst Menu Faux Pas

Most people wouldn’t consider a restaurant menu a good read, sure it’s way more engaging than a by-the-numbers bus timetable,

5 Funny Videos Show How Comedy Works for Business

Using comedy for business isn’t new, using humour to get your message across is as old as advertising. What’s always held this form back is its duration limit.

The most compelling reasons to get an ebook

The days of reading books on the pressed remains of dead trees are coming to an end. The quaint notion that there’s something special about holding a physical book that contains the one novel over a virtual library that fits in your hand may have some nostalgic value,

Who is Wise & Mo?

We're a bunch of content makers and online marketers

Claude is experienced in both video production and copy writing.
Claude Des Forges
Videographer & Writer
Sam has a background in cartooning and writing.
Sam Downes
Cartoonist and Writer
Jeremy has extensive experience managing online marketing campaigns.
Jeremy Gates
Online Strategist and Marketer
Gabriel is an ace photographer, with a knack for setting the scene.
Gabriel Amorim

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