How to get customers hooked on your content

If you want to succeed in the realm of content creation and content marketing, you need to make your content addictive. If people aren’t setting their alarms for 3am in the morning just to be the first to read your latest blog post on “Diversification in Business Silos”, then you’re not even in the game. What you’re doing posting your content at 3am I’m not too sure, maybe you want to totally own the night worker demography.

So how are you going to make your content addictive?

5 Worst Menu Faux Pas

Most people wouldn’t consider a restaurant menu a good read, sure it’s way more engaging than a by-the-numbers bus timetable, however it certainly can’t compare to the riveting twists and turns of a good old whodunit medical pamphlet. Still an amazing menu does have the opportunity to draw you in and take you on a magical journey through flavour country. While a bad menu can leave you apprehensive that you’re making the biggest mistake of your food life.

Here are 5 issues to look out for with menus

Old Plastic Menus with bubbling that look like they’ve been cooked in the microwave along with all the food.

Movember and the War Against Facial Hair

We live in a time when facial hair is no longer the socially acceptable demonstration of awesomeness that it was in your grandfather’s day. Just ask yourself, when was the last time that you or your man grew a moustache outside of Movember, and why that is? Well it may surprise you, but the reason behind this is advertising in the early 20th century by razor manufacturers. That’s right, Mad Men are what lead to the decline of the moustache and beard,

5 Funny Videos Show How Comedy Works for Business

Using comedy for business isn’t new, using humour to get your message across is as old as advertising. What’s always held this form back is its duration limit. But now, thanks to the web, businesses are no longer limited to 15 or 30 second scheduled spots, meaning they’re able to capitalise on creating branded comedy content that is really funny, sharable and available for viewing at any time.

Here are five great examples of comedy content being used in business web videos.

The most compelling reasons to get an ebook

The days of reading books on the pressed remains of dead trees are coming to an end. The quaint notion that there’s something special about holding a physical book that contains the one novel over a virtual library that fits in your hand may have some nostalgic value, but the inexorable march of technology and improved e-reader gadgetry is making it harder to disregard the paperbacks comparative inconvenience. This level of advancement hasn’t been seen since papyrus scrolls replaced stone carvings.