5 Funny Videos Show How Comedy Works for Business

Using comedy for business isn’t new, using humour to get your message across is as old as advertising. What’s always held this form back is its duration limit. But now, thanks to the web, businesses are no longer limited to 15 or 30 second scheduled spots, meaning they’re able to capitalise on creating branded comedy content that is really funny, sharable and available for viewing at any time.

Here are five great examples of comedy content being used in business web videos.



Make sure you watch the video above before reading on as we don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s not often that you build a twist into a web video that’s only a couple of minutes long, which makes this example so special. And no it wasn’t made by M. Night Shyamalan. Still very simply filmed.

Nestle – Chockito


Once again, a low budget video with no special effects or crane shots. The cynical amongst us might believe that the bouncers were in fact just actors, but even so it’s still very entertaining.

Ikea – Catalogue


This spoof of Apple advertising campaigns is a great example of parody that even mac lovers could enjoy. It’s absurd but very witty in its approach. Once again it’s a very simply made video.

GE – Light Bulb


While this example is a higher budget production with Jeff Goldblum and complex set dressings, it’s still impressive in that it tackles the very un-sexy idea of selling light bulb, and turns it into something sexy…well it definitely makes it funny.

Adobe – Clicks


This last piece of comedy content also has high production values without cashing in on any celebrities. What makes it so special is the way marketing is juxtaposed with illegal street drugs so seamlessly making it a great example of strong writing.

Admittedly most of these videos are from large businesses, but they also show that it’s not the level of production that makes them funny, it all rests on the quality of the idea behind it. Below is an example of a parody of Man Vs Wild we did to promote Office 365 which cost under $1000.

Microsoft – Office 365

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