How to get customers hooked on your content

If you want to succeed in the realm of content creation and content marketing, you need to make your content addictive. If people aren’t setting their alarms for 3am in the morning just to be the first to read your latest blog post on “Diversification in Business Silos”, then you’re not even in the game. What you’re doing posting your content at 3am I’m not too sure, maybe you want to totally own the night worker demography.

So how are you going to make your content addictive? Right now you’re probably trying to mainline SEO informational content, straight into their cerebral cortex, but little do you realise that it’s having to compete with other equally important information, like what condiment is on their lunch.

If you want to make your business content addictive you need to start cutting your informational copy with comedy. If you can get your visitors hooked on your branded comedy, they won’t be able to resist coming back again and again, slowly indoctrinating themselves with your subtle messages.

If you want some good traffic juice, you have to get your user hooked to the juice. Which is why we suggest cutting your serious business content with 25% comedy. Any less and it won’t be strong enough to generate a buzz (on social media).

What you want to aim for is to turn all your visitors into high functioning comedy junkies, users who are able to stomach high levels of humour while still being able to work effectively in their business, but who can’t hold out very long before they have to come back to your site for some of the good stuff.

Check out this video we did for Office 365.

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