Video Content

We make videos for websites and social media

Video is an ever increasing aspect of social media. Facebook especially has made a big push into video. If you’ve looked at a Facebook news feed recently you will have noticed all the videos that are pre-rolling without sound, enticing people to find out what’s going on. Whether it’s capturing event footage, interviews or educational videos, video can have a big impact on social media. Below are some examples of our video production work.

Branding or Service Featurette

Nothing beats being able to show your product or service in action, and that is something that a featurette will provide. Filmed in your office, on location, or in a studio they can provide you with a valuable tool to market your business.

Green Screen

By shooting a video in front of a greenscreen you provide the opportunity to change the background of the video. This means that you have a lot more versatility in using the footage in multiple configurations, as well as use the background to highlight key points with extra graphics.

Animation – Explainer

A.K.A Explainer Videos, are an inexpensive entry into business web videos. They can be used across multiple platforms: mobile devices, websites, displays. And can grab people’s attention even without sound, which make them perfect for quiet waiting areas and street window displays.

Testimonial or Interview

Are a great way to make content that educates your readers. It provides you with an easy outlet to present interesting information in a more relaxed manner than having to stare down the camera lens. It can also be used to interview guests and other people in authority in your industry and use they’re expertise as your content.


If you want to demonstrate how your product works then video is the best way. Even if it’s a complex process you can make it simple by slowly going through each step, using close ups to make sure it is easy to follow.

Comedy Sketch

Humour is social. So if you’re looking for a social media campaign that catches people’s attention, comedy is a great way to do it. We have extensive experience in comedy writing combined with digital marketing, which means we can create a social campaign that’s right for you.

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